What means the term “sustainability” in the crypto universe?

Before creating methodologies for assessing the sustainability of crypto tokens, we needed to establish a common understanding of what sustainability in this context means. For this, we have done extensive research for multiple months.
Important to understand is that sustainability does not only mean ecological sustainability. A balance of ecological factors (planet), economic factors (profit) and social factors (people) makes a crypto token really sustainable. The three dimensions are interconnected. If one of the three dimensions falls short, the others are also affected. To our understanding, a crypto token shall fulfill the following requirements to be called sustainable:


sustainable crypto token makes an economic, social and ecological contribution to sustainable development, being scalable, decentralized and widely accepted. As a socio-economic system, it involves independent people worldwide through clever mechanisms and procedures for long-term self-preservation and enables them to create added value through their participation. The protocol rules are clearly defined as well as communicated by the developers of the crypto token from the very beginning and a well thought-out and transparent distribution of the units takes place. Despite the decentralization of the various actors, coordination is guaranteed. Through clearly defined and transparent processes, as well as taking into account the interests of different stakeholders, the crypto token is continuously being enhanced. Central administrative bodies and intermediaries are avoided, whereby the trust of the various participants in the technology and the ecosystem is regarded as essential. Network security is maintained at all times. While energy consumption plays an important role in the first generation of crypto tokens for maintaining network consensus, solutions are currently emerging that are increasingly resource-efficient”.

Ecological Dimension

Economic Dimension

Social Dimension

Our Zeronauts Assessment Methodologies


he core of our work consists of well thought-out methodologies for the sustainability assessment of crypto tokens that can be used by every community member.

The various types of crypto tokens sometimes exhibit major differences in their objectives. This makes it impossible to develop and apply a uniform methodology for the sustainability assessment. Therefore, we propose multiple methodologies for different token categories. In total, we have identified and defined 73 indicators to evaluate crypto projects. Each of our methodologies will be tailored to a token category with selected criteria. Our methodologies are elaborated considering transparency, relevance, comparability, scalability and fairness. All decisions along the way to the final methodologies are traceable back to literature and are logically derived. There will be a Methodology Improvement Proposal (MIP), if you like to propose methodology changes.

We start with creating assessment methodologies for the following token categories.

Our five first Token Categories

Assessment methodologies for the following categories will follow:

  • NFT & Collectibles
  • Lending / Borrowing
  • Data Management
  • File Storage
  • AI & Big Data

  • Interoperability
  • Filesharing
  • Logistics
  • Asset Management

  • Derivatives
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Video
  • Music

Zeronauts NFT labels

We create and assign Zeronaut NFT labels. They show potential investors of a crypto token that it is very sustainable; from an economic, social and ecological perspective. Crypto projects that earn our label can implement it on their website and documentations. The label has a tamper proof design.

Only the most sustainable crypto projects will receive our NFT labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zeronauts aim to create a zero-impact economy: zero risk, zero emissions, zero pollution and waste, zero biodiversity loss. Blockchain technology can contribute significantly to achieve a zero-impact economy. However, at the present time, our crypto ecosystem is unsustainable. Every crypto community member, who whishes to make the crypto universe more trustworthy, secure and ultimately more sustainable, can become a Zeronaut.

To become an official Zeronaut, you need to perform at least one token sustainability assessment with one of our provided methodologies. You will be rewarded for becoming a Zeronaut.

You can find more information here: Become a Zeronaut

At the moment, you can buy Zeronauts (ZNS) on the decentralised exchange PancakeSwap V2. You can find a more detailed instruction how to buy our tokens here: How To Buy

We are working on being listed on many more exchanges.

Most review platforms only consider a few aspects of a crypto token. Most often only financial aspects are assessed. We deliver a 360° view on crypto tokens and include not only economic, but also social and ecological aspects. We check crypto tokens for true sustanaiblity.

We put tremendous work in our methodologies. They are based on scientific literature and on interviews with leading crypto experts. Our methodologies are fully transparent and open-source.

Most other platforms can not scale quickly with writing reviews as they are centrally generated. This has the consequence, that most reviews are often outdated. We implemented a mechanism to incentivize the crypto community to write many high quality reviews. We do not require payments for reading our reviews, they are generally available to the whole crypto community.

Last but not least, we support sustainability projects worldwide.

We are not quite there yet, but we have already decided that the labels will be unique for every token category.

And they will look cool for sure. Crypto tokens that receive a Zeronaut label can most certainly proudly display our label on their website.

If you know a great digital artist, let us know in the contact form.

  • Share our idea to make the crypto universe more sustainable with friends and people you know. Help us achieve global reach.
  • Write reviews with our methodologies as soon as they are available. And provide us with feedback.
  • Become an active part in our community. We are searching for moderators / community managers in our social media channels for different languages (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, Italian, Spanish).
  • If you are a graphic designer, we would love to see some beautifully designed graphics that fit with Zeronauts.
  • And, of course, buy ZNS and HODL! 😉

Towards the end of 2021, the first reviews for tokens in the category: “Payment Tokens / Cryptocurrencies” can be written.

In the meantime, already inform yourself about the token you would like to assess.