Become a Zeronaut

Zeronauts creates the most profound sustainability assessment methodologies for crypto tokens. We believe that there are many experts in different parts of the world, who are passionate about the crypto world. We encourage and incentivize the crypto community to use our assessment methodologies to rate the sustainability of crypto tokens. The incentive mechanism helps to build the largest sustainability rating platform; from the community for the community. The generated rating reports are available free of charge to everyone. The reports help investors to learn more about sustainability, to choose crypto projects according to their liking and to protect them from untrustworthy crypto projects and fraud.

When someone uses our methodology to write a token review, he or she becomes a Zeronaut.

Our methodologies guide users through the rating process with a large amount of elaboration and explanation. This also enables people with less crypto knowledge to perform ratings. Additionally, the assessment process can help them to learn a lot about crypto.

We encourage everyone to register for the “Become a Zeronaut program”.

Join us in creating a more sustainable crypto universe.

Our “Become a Zeronaut” program is not live yet. But you can already enroll to it (form below) and we will get back to you as soon as it is ready.

Sign up for the "Become a Zeronaut" program
We will display who wrote a crypto assessment. You can enter your real name or a nick name. We respect and protect your identity / anonymity.
Enter a mail address, so we can contact you as soon as our Become a Zeronaut program is live.
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Become a beta tester of our assessment platform and of our first assessment methodologies. Provide us with feedback, how we can improve our services. Our beta testers will be compensated with ZNS.
If you want, let us know more about you. - Where are you from? - What are your interests / hobbies? - What is your motivation and qualification for becoming a beta tester?

How the “Become a Zeronaut” program will work:

Step 1: Learn

Select from a published list on our website which token you would like to assess and block it on our website for 7 days, so nobody else works on the same assessment as you do. Then learn how our methodology for the corresponding token category works. We provide you with guidelines and templates. If you have any modification requests to our methodology, we are very happy to receive feedback through MIP (Methodology Improvement Proposal) on our website. The MIP is not live yet. 

Step 2: Assess

Do your research about the chosen token, perform your assessment and have fun doing so. Our methodology will guide you through the assessment. If you do not finish the assessment within 7 days, it becomes available again for other community members.

Step 3: Review of your work

You are done with your work. Now it is our time to review your assessment. We may send suggestions for improvement. As soon as the assessment meets our quality standards, the next stage begins.

Step 4: Earn ZNS

You have finished your assessment and you are now an official Zeronaut! Congrats! 🎉

We will add your token address to our dedicated Zeronauts Assessment Pool.

A part of all transaction fees flow into the pool during one month. to be precise, it is 0.15% of all transaction fees. This pool is divided among the Zeronauts according to the number of their approved reviews during this month.

Example calculation:

If we have transactions worth of 100 million USD during one month:
100 million x 0.15% => 150,000 USD

You have done 2 out of 50 approved assessments. This means:
150’000 / 50 x 2 => 6’000 USD.

So you earn 6’000 USD worth of ZNS by submitting 2 high quality token reviews.