Creating a sustainable crypto universe

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Philosophy and vision

In the last century, astronauts launched into the heavens, in search of new worlds to colonize. Their work forced our species to recognize that our Earth is a very rare planet indeed.

The Distributed Ledger / Blockchain technology can contribute significantly to achieve a zero-impact economy. However, at the moment, the crypto market has many shortcomings.

Our vision is to make the crypto universe more sustainable, so it can exploit its full potential to contribute to a sustainable development.

A new wave of explorers create wealth in tune with our environment.

-These are the Zeronauts-

Join our community

Sustainability assessment platform

The world’s first sustainability assessment platform for cryptos. 

  • Crypto enthusiasts can earn the ZNS token for writing crypto assessments based on scientific methodologies.
  • On the other side, crypto projects can request an assessment. Part of the assessment costs are directly reinvested in the ZNS token. This means that the more assessments are written, the higher the ZNS price.

Join the movement of creating a more sustainable crypto universe.


Sustainability NFT labels and indicators

Based on our assessment platform, we introduce sustainability labels to the crypto universe. They will be created and stored as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on our own NFT platform. Our Zeronauts labels are trust symbols and technical indicators and help investors to find sustainable and trustworthy crypto projects.

Sustainable DEX

We build the most sustainable decentralised exchange (DEX). We place particular emphasis on the Zeronauts DEX being secure, energy efficient, transparent and well documented. It is paramount to us that end users are protected from misapplication and fraud. Most DEX do not have any token listing restrictions. We do it differently. Only tokens that have reached a certain Zeronauts sustainability rating, will be listed on our DEX.

Sustainability education platform

From our perspective, education is the best protection against bad investments and frauds. Quality education content in the crypto universe is rare. This is the reason, why we build the largest education platform for all sustainability topics across crypto tokens. It should become the central space for accessing and discussing crypto sustainability topics.


We support sustainability projects within and outside the crypto world. A percentage of ZNS transactions flows into selected sustainability projects worldwide. The Zeronauts community decides upon which featured projects will be supported. Do good by transferring ZNS.

You can vote here for your favourite sustainability project: Charity

Transaction Fees

The Zeronauts protocol conducts a tax of 7% on each transaction.

2% of this tax is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold. 

The remaining 5% is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the Exchange Liquidity Pool (LP). Regularly some of the LP tokens are extracted for the following tasks: 

  • Rewarding Zeronauts Assessments
  • Supporting Charity
  • Building Reserves
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Burning
  • Send to Destination
  • Holder Reward
  • Token Extraction
  • Added to Existing Liquidity Pool
Is Zeronauts safe?

We are a real project working for a purpose.
Security therefore is our highest priority.

We provide the following measures:

Operational roadmap

Q2 / 2021
✔ Version 1 of WhitePaper is published.

✔ Website launched

✔ Extensive research on the sustainability of crypto tokens (already started in 2020)

✔ Listing on PancakeSwap

✔ Starting our marketing campaign
◾ Listing on CoinGecko

◾ Listing on CoinMarketCap

◾ Certik and Techrate audits

◾ Methodology 1 for Payment Tokens will be finished

✔ First Charity Donation

◾ Expanding our Marketing Team

◾ Community Development

Q4 / 2021
◾ Launch of the “Become a Zeronaut Program"

◾ First sustainability assessments can be written for payment tokens

◾ Company incorporation in Switzerland

◾ Launch of the Zeronauts NFT platform and creation of first NFT sustainability label

◾ Methodology 2 for Smart Contracts will be finished

◾ Expanding our Assessment Development and Assessment Review Team
Q1 / 2022
◾ Methodology 3 for stablecoins and methodology 4 for decentralized exchanges will be finished

◾ Sustainability assessments for smart contract tokens can be written

◾ Launch of the Zeronauts forum and blog on our website

◾ Expanding our IT development team
Q2 / 2022
◾ Sustainability assessments for stablecoins and decentralized exchanges can be written

◾ Methodology 5 for privacy coins and methodology 6 for NFT & collectibles will be finished

◾ Zeronauts rating integration on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

◾ Listing on relevant centralised exchange
Q3 / 2022
◾ Launching the Zeronauts sustainable decentralised exchange (DEX)

◾ Offering Zeronauts sustainable merchandise

◾ Sustainability assessments for privacy coins and NFT tokens can
be written

◾ Methodology 7 for lending / borrowing tokens and methodology 8 for data management
tokens will be finished